Blasta Brewing Tangerine Dreams.


So, much to the chagrin of actually respected beer writers, I’m back after only a tiny hiatus(hah).

Consider my time away as required hibernation, time needed to adjust to the changing landscape of craft beer.

Consider that if you will, I mean it’s a lie and I’m just lazy. But I’m happy to go with the fabricated alternative if you are.


Blasta Brewing Tangerine Dreams.


Tangerine Hefferwiesen.

Look, in the spirit of continued honesty, I don’t get Heffes.

I dontd enjoy them, I think it boils down to the fact I strongly dislike banana’s they are a vile bright yellow Devil Fruit, and I just inherit a massive hatred of the flavour.

Blasta is a good little brewing project that has popped around at festivals and events, and they just opened their own venue, and me deciding I’d break from my usual routine of being beaten at online games by prepubescent Koreans and mosy on down.

Back to the beer.

Apricot colour, but with a head that dissolves quicker than a cabal of nazi soldiers opening the Ark of The Covenant.

Soon as this beer makes it’s way past my beard and into my face, well the only thing I can think is… “Fuck me that’s sweet.”

But I do like citrus and this beer is packing a metric ahittone of it.

“Alright I think, sweet yes, but amazing citrus, mandarin, grapefruit and of course tangerine.”

And then the Banana hits.

I hang my head low, I mean I knew this was coming.

Fuck I hate banana.

My hatred for nature’s cheesecake aside, it’s a solid well crafted beer.

Though with the massive sweetness, I could’nt see myself drinking much of it.


3 out of 5 Banana’s.

Untill next time and remember, always drink from a glass.





Anderson Valley Horse Tounge Thribble Currant


I’m not even sure if the words in the name in this beer actually denote a particular style or are some kind of amazing gibberish.


Dunt kare.


The Thribble Currant is my kind of sour.

This is a beer that hones entirely onto my sweet spot. Fully bodied and sweet with a savage tart ending. Ts basically a sassy red head in liquid form. Black currant and blackberries swill around in an endless cacophany of tart comfy goodness.

The colour is beyond gorgeous. A light Mahogany that reminds me of leather bound books and pondering. Thoughtful pondering.


I enjoyed this on the coldest of days when I was entirely underdressed for the biting temperature and my nipples could probably cut diamonds.

But the sweet sour berry goodness cut through.






Mash Brewing Sarcasm Session Ale.


This Beer is actually a double Ipa wheighing in at 9.5%. Sarcasm. Get it?

Yeah I get jokes too.


Mash Brewing Sarcasm Session Ale.

Man. What a nose. Dry hay, cranberries and just a hint of citrus prairie dogging its way through. And that colour, golden light and clear like a prophetic epiphany.

Nose flavours continue and at first the sharp finish is pleasant. But then it kinda grates a bit, like an episode of Judge Judy. Nice biscuity caramel aftertaste though.

Solid 5/7 Or in laymans terms 7.5/10.

Until next time and remember. Always drink from a glass.




Moon Dog Brewing Bad Boy Bubbly


SO I was at my local Craft Beer bar, and asked for a taste of ‘The Goddamn Weirdest Beer You have today” for my first beer of the evening. After tasting the Bad Boy Bubbly, I then asked for a Large glass of the second weirdest beer they had on tap.

Moon Dog Brewing Bab Boy Bubbly Barley champagne.

You would think by that statement that I don’t like this beer. The opposite is true, I love it  because of how one hundred percent balls to the wall bat-shit f***ing certifiably insane this brew is.

Coming in at a low 13.1% ( What’s sarcasm?) almost no head, clear and bubbly as hell this strong deliciously sharp beer is fizzy as all get out. Mainly because of the champagne yeast involved. It’s like the demented love child of a lager, a bottle of Mumm and sickly sweet lemonade, that been left abandoned in a swamp to fester in its own excrement and juices.

But in a good way!

Yes, it’s weird, and most people just won’t get it. It’s not a Barley wine, its something new. Something different. And we should always encourage experimentation. Especially when its something as insane as this.


Until next time, and remember. Always drink from a glass.

Mildura Brewing Astor Ale.


In my home town, there is a landmark, The Astor Theater.

Many gigs, movies and shows I’ve seen there over the years, and it holds many a memory in its old timbers.
And this beer was brewed to commemorate its hallowed halls.

Mildura Brewing Astor Ale.

Dat Colour. Rich slightly hazy dark amber, like the skin tone of a hard working Mexican day laborer. Two fingers of head, with little to no aroma.
Nice biscuitey malts with just a squeeze of citrus poking through.

On a 30 degree Celsius day after just jogging 5 kilometers. Its kind of heaven.



Until Next and remember, always drink from a glass.

Feral/ CUB/ 2 Brothers Land of Plenty Lager.


Collaboration beers, are normally pretty good. I mean if several breweries are putting their name on it. You generally expect them to polish off a decent brew.


Feral/ CUB/ 2 Brothers Land of Plenty Lager.

This beer will now and forever be refereed to as “The Yeastie Bomb Surprise.” I mean, I know it’s an unfiltered Keller-bier ( I read the label. It says so.) But man that’s a rough smell. Its a wonderful bouquet that is a mix of that one alleyway behind the club where everyone pee’s and mouldy lemons.

So, you know. Well pleasant.

Grainy cloudy and rough with a taste to match.

Not much to say really.

Apart from, give this one a wide berth.
( I drink the terrible beer, so you don’t have too)


EDIT*  I let it warm up a bit, and that really opened up the flavours. I’d urge you not to have it ice cold. Let it warm up to just below room temperature.

Nice biscuit and apple tang.

Edited Rating.


Until next time and remember, always drink from a glass.

Rogue Hazlenut Brown Nectar


So I held off reviewing this beer, because. Well if my taste buds were Dax Sheppard this beer would be Kristen bell.

It, in a word. Completes me. ( yes, I am aware that’s two words. Shut up.)

Rogue Brewing Hazlenut Brown nectar.

Smooth and rollicking on the nose this brew enters with a mild chocolate aroma and the weensiest hint of hazelnut.

Once you open your mouth and it enters the taste chamber however the hazelnut turns your mouth into a Thunderdome, where only it may leave.

the malty sweetness hides a large ABV and it is seriously easy drinking.

Off the top of my head I may have pounded down maybe 30 bottles of this over the course of my life.

Mates well with a chocolaty dessert, outside of the St Ambroise Apricot one of the best beers to hold an introduced flavour.
Mild coffee aftertaste as well.


Untill next time, and remember always drink from a glass.